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Customer support


Custom Insoles

We build Podiatech custom orthotics for all you skiing needs and also many other applications.Personalization of an orthotic can link you to your gear in ways you never thought possible.  Stop in to see what we can do for you. 

Mounting Bindings

We offer mounting for all bindings we sell and many others.  Your bindings will be installed professionally with an eye for detail.  We rely on the personal information you provide to set your bindings correctly.  If you have any questions about how your bindings should be set up please ask. For adjustable bindings when we do not have your boots, you may have to do a final adjustment using a local shop in your area.

Boot Fitting

While the original concept of properly fit custom ski gear is still our focus the tools we use to fit you change. Our pursuit of personalized fit continues. We use up to date technology and are versed in all modern techniques. Going beyond whats available to what is needed allows consistent innovation. Examples of things to be found only at THE SPORT LOFT are: Made-to-measure orthotics that are tailored to your exact edging needs, the worlds largest podoscope, specialized podiatech materials for fitting, CNC’ed tools exclusive to The Sport Loft. (Proprietary Tools Built by The Sport Loft Team.)


Phantom Curing

We offer the DPS Phantom Cure Station ensuring your Phantom is applied properly.  No other shop has been applying and curing Phantom longer.   


Customer Support

We want your time in the mountains to be the best it can be.  We welcome your calls but want you to realize certain requests can only be fulfilled in person with the product needing change in store.  Please call us for any clarification.  (801) 272-3701